If you're a person who's into the most adorable-looking games or videos on the internet, Greedy Grub is up your alley. The cute world-building game on the surface appears as if it will be riddled with hours of mindless entertainment as you gradually expand on this squishy-looking virtual area, and it is to a degree. After some time of gameplay Greedy Grub lures you into that deadly trap of making you purchase a couple of virtual items in order to have your world grow faster, and in a way it's not worth it.


Greedy Grub centers on a chunky little orange worm who's popped into a town that's shrunk down in size. It's up to this slithery creature to help build the world back up again, and feed the all-knowing Eye Tree who surveys the land that you're on. The way to piece together each world is simple enough when you first come across the apple tree. Each time a piece of fruit hits the floor, the worm eats it up. At the same time this worm can't go about eating everything up without helping out the land a little bit. There's a well nearby that you can fill your bucket up on, and with that you're able to help each bit of plant life grow. The more time and care you take into keeping each one of these plants alive, the more goodies you'll get. Believe me, you'll want to keep doing this because there's no way you can get enough seeds or food without tending to the virtual land.

You're a new resident in this small community, and with that said a lot of the town folks throw a bunch of responsibilities on your non-shoulders. Sometimes you go on worthwhile tasks, like putting together a building in order to get more unique plant seeds to grow. Other times you're looking for three little bratty kids who, naturally, drain most of your virtual income. Once you edge towards the higher levels, you realize that you may not have enough seed money in order to buy a certain plant seed. What will you do? There's no way you can get over a thousand dollars worth in a small amount of time. You need to get the seed now so you can get this task done. Then it's time to rake out some real cash because you'll have to pay a couple of bucks in order to keep going. It's a clever and strange move, to be honest. Within the first four levels this game is a little too easy for any player as you quickly bring up buildings and plant life around this patch of grass. Then you pass the 5th level and you're having to dip into your real life bank account in order to keep the game going at the pace you're accustomed to. I have to say I'm not really a big fan of that.

The graphics are smooth, and possibly one of the best things about Greedy Grub is the worm's movement. All you have to do is press your finger on the screen and you can glide him about, similar to another phone-favorite game that we all remember called Snake. The music is very minimal and forgettable, but that's not why we're playing it. Greedy Grub is fun until this free game tricks you into opening up your wallet. If you can keep track of your seed-like income, you could beat it without barely dipping into your real life bank account.


App Store Link: Greedy Grub for iPhone & iPad | By PIXOWL, INC. | Price: Free | Version: 1.055 | 39.6 MB | Rating: 4+

7.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating