In case you wanted to be bombarded with screenshots from Grand Theft Auto Online's upcoming Heists, then today is your lucky day.

Rockstar North has released not just one or two, but 31 screenshots from Grand Theft Auto Online's upcoming Heists for your viewing pleasure. I have to admit, although these screenshots are impressive, compared to the screenshots that Rockstar released for its PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, they're kind of disappointing. Since Heists has been a priority for Rockstar, it decided to work more solely on that until its release date (which is soon) and push back Grand Theft Auto V's debut for PC. As a sort of bandaid over the wound of everyone who has been waiting so patiently for the PC version, there were screenshots released and both sets are pretty beautiful.

Players who have been patiently waiting for GTA Online Heists will be rewarded in just a few days when it finally launches. A perk that Rockstar will give to all of those people who are counting down until the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V releases (April 14) is some extra cash to spend in Grand Theft Auto Online. There will be an extra $200,000 of in-game cash in your pockets if you fall into that category.

For now, you can check out the trailer above and the screenshots below as we wait for Heists to appear on Grand Theft Auto Online, launching March 10.

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