These new Rockstar Verified Jobs coming to Grand Theft Auto Online include land races, deathmatches and even a helicopter vs. helicopter fight for control of a helipad.

Rockstar Games has announced that it is releasing 10 new Jobs for GTA Online. These Jobs have been made by fans, but have been given a greenlight by Rockstar in order to be added into the game. Fresh off of the "I'm Not A Hipster Update," we're glad to see extra content coming to GTA Online so soon.

In terms of races, there are Holy Drift Mountain, Far Out Loop, Hipster Happy Hour, Mario's Race, Rattlesnake Run and the Obstacle What tracks being added to GTA Online. For Capture matches, there are the Maze Bank Fight and Hold: Shopping Spree matches being added. The Maze Bank Job features two teams in Buzzard helicopters fighting over a single Capture point on top of the Maze Bank Tower. There are also rocket launcher-wielding goons on the helipad shooting at both parties, enjoy. Two new deathmatches include Quarantine, located on the Elysian Fields Freeway, and Sonuva Beach, which is located on the Palomino Highlands Shore.

Expect these new jobs on all versions of Grand Theft Auto Online.