Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network's outages throughout this week have resulted in Grand Theft Auto V extending the duration of its Festive Surprise event.

Polygon reports that Rockstar has decided to delay the ending of Grand Theft Auto V's Christmas-themed Festive Surprise event due to the erratic connectivity of the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live throughout the holiday week. The Festive Surprise update includes seasonal duds, snowball fights, masks and other types of temporary content. It also adds some permanent new weapons and vehicles that you'll be able to permanently unlock and use after the event is finished. Speaking of which, Grand Theft Auto V's Festive Surprise event will now be ending on Jan. 5, 2015.

Xbox Live and PSN services have been restored, but a lot of people were unable to log on, update their systems or go online with their new Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4s throughout Christmas week.

Even the snow can get a little dirty: