If you thought you had seen everything after the all female stage play recreating Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, you were wrong. Prepare to be surprised by the ballet based on Pokemon Red.

Gamers are a creative bunch. We take our games seriously, and our passion for the industry knows no bounds. It's always a treat discovering new and imaginative ways fans have come up with to share their love a particular game. From cosplay to weddings, to fan art and short films, there's seemingly no shortage of elaborate and awe-inspiring homages. That's doubly true for Creighton University student Andrew Plotner's Pokemon Red ballet.

In the video below (spotted by Polygon), you can enjoy a nearly-30-minute production of the 1996 game as told through dance. The familiar moments are all there -- picking your first Pokemon, encounters with Professor Oak, visiting Lavender Town, and battling the devilish Team Rocket. It's a pure passion project, and one that is sure to elicit joy and laughter in Pokemon fans of all ages.

Check out the footage below, and let us know what game you think would translate into a great stage play or ballet.