Hitting a ball into the water is really bad in a regular game of golf, but it's just fine when the entire course is underwater in Mario Golf: World Tour.

Revisiting the aquatic levels of previous Mario titles, this latest Mario Golf course pays tribute to the days of side-scrolling goodness when air wasn't a factor in exploring the bottom of the sea. Cheep Cheep Lagoon is a colorful, underwater level filled with plenty of reefs, pipes and sea creatures to try and distract you from getting a hole-in-one.

Some of these dastardly fish include the massive Sea Urchin introduced in Super Mario World and the adorable Cheep Cheeps. Fortunately, gravity and physics are still in effect underwater and you must try to safely navigate your ball to the hole while avoiding these pitfalls and blockades.

Mario Golf: World Tour will be swinging its way to the Nintendo 3DS on May 2.