When EA Sports acquired the license for UFC, it aimed to create a more accurate MMA experience than in any previous game. In addition to a new artificial intelligence system that makes fighters react more realistically and full-body deformations that add visual authenticity, they reinvented many of the core fighting mechanics. A gameplay trailer for EA Sports UFC released today shows off the new submission system.

THQ’s last UFC game, UFC Undisputed 3, handled submission moves by making one player chase the other player's cursor around an octagonal track to break out of a hold. EA has kept the octagon shape, but changed everything else, improving the system dramatically. Players now decide submissions in a unique four-sided tug of war system that challenges the defender to respond to on-screen cues with the correct direction on the right analog stick quicker than the aggressor to free themselves. The attacker must do the same, but also needs to be on the lookout for additional prompts that allow him to enter the next stage of the submission hold with a proper response on the left stick.

In addition to the submission lesson, this trailer also gives us our first look at a match-up in the Women’s Bantamweight division, featuring Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate. Five more women, and approximately 100 fighters total, will make up the EA UFC roster when the game is released on June 17 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.