The upcoming console/PC version of Resident Evil: Revelations will be expanded via four downloadable content packs according to Eurogamer. Even though the packs haven’t yet been officially announced by Capcom, they were spotted in an pre-purchase ad on Steam.

If you are thinking about picking up all the DLC, consider getting the Resident Evil: Revelations Season Pass, which will net you all the DLC at a discounted rate. The DLC has not been officially priced yet, considering it hasn’t been officially revealed yet either, but in general you are able to save 10-20% on a full game’s worth of content through a season pass.

Currently, the contents of these four add-ons are a mystery, though the Steam ad did say that they would be revealed shortly after the game’s release. It is unclear as to whether or not the season pass will be coming to platforms other than the PC. We will keep you updated on the Resident Evil: Revelations Season Pass and DLC as more information becomes available.