In 2015, The Farm 51 (Painkiller) will ask players to Get Even in a new next-gen first-person shooter. If the trailer above looks trippy and mysterious, that's because Get Even's is about questioning what is real.

Get Even will have parallel stories in the single- and multiplayer, which unfold through the memories of the playable characters. The choices you make in the past will influence the personalities of the protagonists, and will even have a "dramatic effect" on how Get Even progresses. The Farm 51 will blend the modes together seamlessly by allowing others to enter your game as enemies, so you'll never know if you're facing off against other people or AI-controlled foes.

As an independent developer, it would be foolish to go head-to-head with the larger companies and create a ‘me-too’ knock-off, and frankly we wouldn’t be interested in doing it," said Wojtek Pazdur, CEO of The Farm 51 in a statement. "We believe that there is still a ton of content and design creativity that has yet to be explored in the first-person genre, as well as an audience beyond the warfare player - those are the people we are going for with Get Even.”

The Farm 51 is using new scanning technologies to bring Get Even's photo-realistic environments to life, which it will combine with next-gen lighting techniques for a richer immersion. Weaponry will have a decidedly futuristic bent, with weapons able to fire around corners. Players will even be able to tie the guns to their in-game smartphones for even more attack options.

It would be nice to see the game in action, but since it's at least a year away from coming out, The Farm 51 has plenty of time to showcase just how Get Even will be different. Expect the new FPS on the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One in 2015.