Let's face it, video games are an expensive hobby. For the PC elite, they have to keep up with new hardware demands and lowly console peasants are burdened with HDTVs, expensive new consoles, and $60 new releases. Our only respite from having our wallets raided is to sit back and wait for prices to come down, or snap up some used games.

GameStop makes around a quarter of their income off the used game market and in an effort to protect a bit of their profit, they wanted to remind us that used games are an integral part of the video games market. Thankfully. it was confirmed that the Sony PlayStation 4 would support used games, so you don't have to worry about losing all that trade in value yet.

In an interview with with Forbes, GameStop President Tony Bartel mentioned that, "used games generate more than $1 billion of trade credit annually, 70 percent of which is credited towards purchasing new games and new hardware." While the revenue for used games don't quite make it to the developer, they do have a place in making our hobby a little more affordable.

With the Wii U and the PS4 supporting used games, we'll have to wait and see if the new Xbox will be banning used games. Hopefully not, but you never know.

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