At the PlayStation 4 event in February, Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 would be hit store shelves in the holiday 2013 sales period. However, they did not mention what territories the console would be available in.

Now, GameStop executive vice president Mike Hogan claims that the PlayStation 4 will have a global release later this year, hitting all available territories at the same time. This information comes by way of a GameStop earnings call transcript (via Seeking Alpha and GameSpot). Hogan went on to say that Microsoft’s plan with the Xbox 720/Durango/Next-Box is unclear, but the retailer has plans in place for both a single and double console launch this holiday.

The PlayStation 3 did not have an international launch, instead releasing in North America in 2006 and Europe in 2007. It is likely that Sony is planning an international release in order to strengthen its online community. This way, all territories will be able to communicate with each other on day 1.