There are a lot of virtual reality devices on the market these days. The Oculus Rift has made headlines multiple times, the Virtuix Omni has finally developed a way to walk in a virtual world, and there are any number of motion control devices out there. However, until now, no one had thought to put them together. Say hello the Cyberith Omnidirectional Treadmill and Virtual Reality device.

The Cyberith is one of the first devices to truly give you true freedom of movement in a virtual world. It hooks you up to a harness between your legs, much like a repelling harness. Underneath your feet is a surface that you walk on with special socks that track your movement. Attached to the harness, however, is a free rotating waistband which is then in turn attached to three metal tracks. This allows the Cyberith to track your position relative to the ground, allowing you to crouch and even make small jumps. It can even lock the supports in place, securing the harness at a certain height. This allows you to “sit” on in game objects realistically. Perfect if you climb into, say, a tank or a helicopter.

The Cyberith is compatible with all other motion sensing devices on the market. This includes the Oculus Rift, and basically every motion controller from the Wiimote to the Move, to the STEM VR Motion System. When put together with the Cyberith, the Oculus Rift tracks your head position while the Cyberith tracks your body’s orientation and movement speed. In conjunction, the two devices allow you to not only see the virtual world you are in, but interact with it naturally. Add a microphone and soon you’ll be Fus Roh Dah-ing like a real dovahkiin.

The Cyberith isn’t commercially available yet. For now, it’s just been making rounds at conventions and trade shows. In fact, there’s no word whatsoever on how much the rig will cost or when it will come out, but you can suspect that it will retail for a pretty penny. It’s been getting rave reviews from everyone who has tried it so far, though we have to suspect that abnormally tall or short people may have a problem with either fitting into the harness or overstepping the treadmill base. Even so, we are very close to having our first, in-home, virtual worlds, and that is exciting.

For more information about the Cyberith Omnidirectional Treadmill and Virtual Reality device, check out the official website.

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