It's being described as a mix of what made Mega Man and Monster Hunter such popular games, and from the looks of its new trailer, Gaist Crusher has what it takes to get young gamers hooked.

The game, according to Capcom, falls under the "Custom Armor Action" genre and is slated for a Winter 2013 release for Japan. It is meant to be a cross-media project that will appear in games, comics, anime, music, and toys, which might make it a formidable foe for parents who want to keep their kids from becoming addicted to material goods.

Gaist Crusher will focus on armors, transformations, and collections, which are a lot of good elements that make up a truly addictive gaming experience. The comics will appear in the Saikyo Jump and V Jump magazines, Pierrot Co., Ltd. will work on the anime, Avex Entertainment Inc. will handle the music production, and Bandai Co., Ltd., will release toys called "Gaimetal" that are inspired by the game.

Watch the trailer below and let us know your thoughts. Would you want this game to come Stateside? Or would you rather keep your wallet fat and healthy?