The second of three planned downloadable content packs for Titanfall has been revealed on the game's official website. Called Frontier's Edge, the pack will contain three new maps for players to shoot their friends and drop Titans into.

The three new maps will feature three completely different locales: Dig Site is described as a "desolated mining outpost;" Haven is an "exclusive beach resort" (do Titans take vacations?); and another mining area, this time a hub on the side of a mountain called Export.

Those who have purchased the Titanfall Season Pass will be able to download the map pack as soon as it launches, but those who are buying map packs piecemeal can purchase Frontier's Edge for $9.99 when it arrives. No date has been announced, but we imagine it's coming sooner rather than later.

No other information or screens were offered on the new maps, so all we have to go on are those brief descriptions. We wonder when we'll get to see these new locales, as we're particularly interested in dropping Titans in the sun and surf of Haven. It could be radically different than the other maps, and those are the maps we love most.