In a hilarious twist on its upcoming crowdfunded title, Twinbeard have added a list of impossible, gag campaign goals which tops off an absolutely astounding feat.

Polygon reported that Frog Fractions 2's Kickstarter has released a list of stretch goals that the campaign would most likely not reach. These quotas include a $120,000 goal of integrating the Rock Band microphone support for Frog Fractions 2. $180,000 would add a gravity gun, while it would take $230,000 for Twinbeard to realize that the gravity gun would be too overpowered so they would remove it for the hilarious sake of balancing the game.

While these stretch goals are funny, nothing beats its highest quota. If Frog Fractions 2's Kickstarter were to reach $2 billion, Twinbeard would have used the money to buy the Oculus Rift back from Facebook.

To put things in perspective of how impossible these goals seem, Frog Fractions 2's Kickstarter is currently at $43,579 of its $60,000 main campaign goal. With 13 days left in its campaign, it will hopefully reach its main goal, but it would seem as we have very little chances of ever getting that gravity gun. Nevertheless, we wish Twinbeard the best and applaud them for this farce of such a big event in gaming.