The latest trailer for Forza Horizon 2 aired during the Xbox Gamescom 2014 press conference, focusing on the social aspects of the full Forza Horizon 2 experience.

Calling the game "inherently social," the trailer says that the game will be connected even when playing single player modes. Drivatars of those on your friends list will travel the open world with you, following you across the map even when those players aren't online. They can be challenged to street races at any time, with seamless integration into a race. An in-game map doesn't only show the player where he or she is, but also where friends are located, and the player can drive to the friend and start an online race.

Online lobbies have been removed in favor of a seamless online integration. Joining friends is done with the push of a button, removing the tedious waiting of other online games. In-game communities called Clubs allow players to create private playing clubs, challenge other clubs online, or try to reach the top of the worldwide Club leaderboards. King and Infected modes are coming back to Horizon 2 as well, but with built-from-the-ground-up arenas designed with these modes in mind.

There's more information to absorb in the three-minute trailer, which means Forza fans will have plenty to sink their teeth into when Forza Horizon 2 launches Sept. 30 for Xbox One and Xbox 360.