The creative director of Forza Horizon 2 has gone into details about the weather, liveries, Kinect usage and story mode of this upcoming Xbox Racer.

In an interview with Examiner, Turn 10 Studios' creative director, Ralph Fulton, answered questions about the upcoming racer, Forza Horizon 2. He explained that cars will react based on its tire type and what kind of environment is around it. This offers succinct changes to how your car will steer and handle in regards to both dry and wet roadways. He also mentions that due to its raceway locations throughout Europe, snow will not be an environmental factor in Forza Horizon 2. In terms of downloads, the car liveries you encounter at car meets can be downloaded but only applied to cars of the same exact type, just as long as they are in your garage. Fulton also spoke of the Kinect's usage for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Horizon 2.

"We're still really excited about including Kinect. It offers opportunities we wouldn't normally otherwise have. We don't currently have it plugged in to demonstrate today, but Kinect will be involved with a feature called ANNA," Fulton said. "She is your digital personal assistant and navigation in the game. She is also very intelligent and will suggest things to do in the game and give you a recap when you return to the games. She will also alert you when friends are online."

Unfortunately, Fulton said there will not be a story mode in the game, but there will be a ton of single-player content involving the Drivatar features from Forza 5 along with Horizon's festival mode. Forza Horizon 2 has gotten the greenlight for a Sept. 30 release on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.