Xbox One is finally getting its indie game development program started with the announcement of two new ID@Xbox Games.

According to OXM UK, the two indie games, Nutjitsu and Worms: Battleground, have been announced for release on Xbox One. ID@Xbox is Microsoft's program of allowing independent and small-time game developers a chance at publishing their own titles for the Xbox One.

The program offers zero-cost development tools and full platform access (such as Kinect programming) for those hoping to bring their titles to the Xbox One.

Nutjitsu is a pretty and charming take on the Pac-Man method of small-maze gaming, whereas there is still not much known about Worms: Battlegrounds and whether or not it will play like previous titles of the Worms series.

These two ID@Xbox titles are set to drop in March, and that there are already thousands of developers putting in applications for the ID@Xbox program. Given the abundance of indie games on PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 4, the team at the ID@Xbox program better start processing those applications a bit faster.