The blue haired characters and rock-paper-scissors-style of RPG combat is back with a new Fire Emblem title coming out for the Nintendo 3DS.

Today's live Nintendo Direct event revealed a new trailer for Intelligent Systems' next entry of the Fire Emblem series. While the trailer didn't really reveal much, it did show that things look quite similar to Fire Emblem: Awakening from 2013. As usual, the series' rock-paper-scissors combat between axes, spears and swords are in play, with all sorts of magical spells and creatures in-between each melee clash.

The trailer starts off with a cinematic cutscene taking place on a massive, soldier-filled battlefield. The soldiers are wearing Fire Emblem's usual kinds of armor mixed with samurai-like twists to them. The characters are seen carrying katana blades instead of traditional swords as well as shogun-style armor. While we didn't learn much about the story from this trailer, we're glad to see that Fire Emblem is continuing to give its main characters blue hair.

With only a working title and no launch window in sight, this Fire Emblem title will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS and New 3DS.

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