What threatens to fill up your Nintendo device's memory blocks this week? Grab your favorite tactician and we'll head to the battlefield of downloads to find out!

If any of the review buzz is any indication, Fire Emblem Awakening is going to be the biggest title in this week's 3DS downloads. The latest entry in the long-running strategy role-playing series boasts a lot of small changes that make it more accessible for all audiences, ranging from the very hardcore to fledgling tacticians. With the option to turn off "permadeath", players can enjoy the story to the fullest without worrying as much about who lives and who dies.

Wii U owners will be able to download Puddle, which is an indie game that tasks them with tilting environments in order to move a puddle. Why? Who cares! What's cooler than using the power of physics to play a puzzle game?

A demo for Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions' The Cave will also be available for download, so players can try out the platform-puzzler before they buy. The sentient, titular cave has many stories to tell, which focus on many different characters, so the full game might prove to be a worthwhile experience for gamers who seek whimsical adventures.

Other downloads include 99Moves (3DS/DSi), Witch's Cat (3DS), Bloody Vampire (3DS), Ice Climber (3DS), and Metal Slug 4 (Wii Virtual Console). And if you like snapping pics with your 3DS, a Sparkle Snapshots 3D downloadable content pack adds "Mario Core Set" and "Mario Kart 7 Set" themes for your photos.

Let us know what titles will be traveling through your WiFi signals and into your machines!