Ubisoft's Fighter Within, the Kinect-based motion fighter, has received an all-new trailer that taps into the science behind fighting.

The lab coat-wearing "scientist" in the trailer doesn't believe that controllers can really do any harm to your opponent. Nope. He believes you have to actually use your body in order to inflict pain on your friends, throwing up your fists, elbows and feet in an attempt to string together combos.

With the Kinect, your moves will be accurately tracked, transcribing your motions into the game itself. Fighter Within will also feature a combo system that lets you string your attacks together to really bring the hurt. Of course, it remains to be seen how accurately your moves will be captured, but the biggest problem is that your attacks will always be telegraphed. Just pray that your sparring partner doesn't have good peripheral vision.

Put up your dukes and check it out once the Xbox One launches on Nov. 22.