The upcoming console remake of Resident Evil: Revelations is getting a lot of attention from Capcom, and the latest developer diary looks at how the game will induce shock and panic into the player's experience.

Revelations' programmer Go Ozawa and main composer Kota Suzuki took some time to discuss their contributions to the sequel in this new video. Ozawa points out how the enemy spawning is random, and the game will be different every time you play. Returning to certain rooms may yield different results, which should keep you on your toes throughout your playthrough.

For his part, Suzuki explained how the music and sounds of Revelations add to the fear-inducing sights. With a lot of striking audio cues, and sharp sounds in general, Revelations is able to keep you unbalanced. Coupled with the random attacks, this console port should keep your palms sweating from start to finish.

Check out the video below, and let us know what your most frightening moment in a Resident Evil game was in the comments.