February's Free Xbox 360 Games for those with an Xbox Live Gold account involves the cold war and an undead beach resort.

The Xbox Wire announced Dead Island will be available for free download during the first half of the month, with Toy Solders: Cold War taking its place for the second half. You better jump now, because you can only get Dead Island for free from Feb. 1 until the 16th. Toy Solders: Cold War will remain for the rest of the month from Feb. 16-28.

Dead Island is a first-person shooter (with a focus on melee) that takes place on a beach resort town as a zombie outbreak happens. Similar to Dead Rising, you're able to use a multitude of everyday items throughout the island to help you fight off the hordes of the undead. Much like the Left 4 Dead series, Dead Island is best experienced with a team of four players in chaotic, co-op, FPS glory.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War is another first-person shooter, but this one acts as an homage to the 1980s. In a playful way, Toy Soldiers: Cold War depicts the neon-wearing era with its tribute to older generations of toys, films and war. It's the Navy Seals vs. the Spetsnaz featuring FPS gameplay atop a child's perspective. Anyone who remembers the original 'G.I. Joe' cartoon would love Cold War.

Unfortunately, this month's selection means that there is still yet to be any sort of free Xbox One title to download for those with Gold accounts. While Microsoft has said free Xbox One downloads with Xbox Live Gold are being developed, Sony's high-valued multitude of free offerings are starting to look mighty appealing for those who are still on the wall about deciding on a next-gen system.