Shinji Mikami, legendary creator of the Resident Evil series and the upcoming The Evil Within, has made a career out of scaring players. However, since the days inside that mansion, fans have become accustomed to the ways games instill fear. So how will Evil Within be different?

“Not much has changed when it comes to instilling terror in the player,” Mikami told Edge in a new interview. “But people have got used to the tropes of horror and they know what’s coming next, so in that sense it is harder to make them afraid.”

The new fear will come from players being left to their own devices, with little ammunition and tougher than though enemies hunting them down. The mood and atmosphere of Evil Within will lend to the terror just as much as having nowhere to run or hide from the beasts seeking your head.

“The scariest parts will be when you encounter enemies that cannot be killed with a gun,” Mikami said. “Even if you shoot them they won’t die, so you’ll have to run or use a trap to beat them. That should be fun – and also scary.”

We'll see just terrifying The Evil Within is when it arrives on all platforms in 2014.