Sony San Diego is breaking out all the stops when it comes to fully replicating the experience of the fans, especially from a stadium-seating perspective, in MLB 14: The Show.

JT Pierce, an associative brand manager for Sony San Diego, has posted on the PlayStation Blog about the amount of detailing that went into designing the stadium, ballparks and fans included in the PlayStation 4 version of MLB 14: The Show. Just based on the absolutely stunning backgrounds alone, we can say that the PS4 version of The Show is looking to become one of the most beautiful baseball games ever made.

In this developer diary, we find out that every Major League stadium is different and was made to be as accurate and faithful as possible in order to recreate some of baseball's most famous fields. Every landmark and statue that are a part of these stadiums have been included. Every blade of grass on the field is individual and reacts to when a player steps or slides over it. The PS4 version of The Show also boasts 10 times the amount of polygons than PS3 version and features over 1,000 unique character crowd models. MLB 14's Floating Point Frame Buffering system brings vibrant color, reactive crowd energy and accuracy to the stadiums and is exclusive to the PS4 version.

MLB 14: The Show is already out on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, but will be making its impressive step to the next-gen bat on May 6.