Although I am sports nut and consider myself a guy's guy, two of my favorite shows are Gossip Girl and Project Runway. I'm not afraid to explore my feminine side, and oftentimes a woman's journey can be much more interesting. Enchant U is the perfect example of interesting storytelling, especially if the gender wars is a favorite water cooler topic.

The game starts off in customization paradise, as you can pick the hair color and the outfit of your beautiful heroine. She's a young student at the Enchant U university, a foundation of learning, which may be a hotbed for witches, monsters, creatures, and most of all, red blooded young males. Your job is to move your character's status up the social food chain on campus, as she uses her sexual and intellectual wiles to entice various boyfriends, teachers, and confidantes.

To complete various quests in Enchant U, players must collect gems, noble coins, and wicked coins. To accrue wicked coins, your lady must act a bit manipulative and downright naughty in her respective tasks, and choosing this morally bankrupt route can have a higher risk/reward factor than doing good deeds. Besides, who wants to be the perfect angel anyway? Both coins and the rare acquisition of gems enables you to buy new clothes, and the better your style, the higher you climb in the game.

Dressing up with nowhere to go is not a problem with Enchant U, as a plethora of suitors will be vying for your character's affections. Whether it's checking out the latest movie, meeting Mr. Right Now's parents, or just making out at the back of his car, dating is an important element of Enchant U. Through fidelity, kindness, and a little bit of flirting, your young sexy undergrad's main goal is to find the right guy, even if it results in kissing a ton of frogs along the way. Plus the more she dates, the more currency she collects to shop and perform more quests. Having a boyfriend doesn't stop her from having a few other guys on reserve either, and flirting with these wannabe paramours is not frowned upon in Enchant U.

Gaining currency, shopping, dating, and channeling your inner shopaholic are prime reasons to attend Enchant U. Saving enough coins to purchase a highly expensive dress for your coed may seem a tad shallow, but sometimes living in the material world can be fun. The game also has a sly and slightly twisted sense of humor, offering up funny one liners and quips during something as insignificant as a loading screen. It's this level of detail which makes Enchant U a completely diverting experience.

In the dating and social world it's really the survival of the fittest. Will you always play an honest and loyal game to get what you truly want, or is a touch of deviousness a necessary evil? Enchant U, amidst all its humorous innuendos and fashion fixations, proves that if a good man is hard to find, a great woman is truly hard to beat.


App Store Link: Enchant U for iPhoneiPad | By Griptonite Games Inc. | Price: Free | Version: 1.0.0 | 191 MB | Rating 12+

7.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating