Step into the Octagon and see what kinds of features will make EA Sports UFC look and feel like the real thing.

Creative Director Brian Hayes takes us on a little tour through the gameplay in EA Sports UFC and gives us the lowdown on what makes this such an accurate fighter.

We learn that the developers have painstakingly recreated what it feels like to be inside the Octagon, making sure that every blow looks realistic and that fighters reflect the pain they're experiencing. When in a hold, you can see muscles tense up and certain body parts changes color as the pressure is being applied.

It should please fans to know that damage isn't just incremental, meaning that the right hit, with enough force to a sweet spot, could crumple an opponent and render then open to a full barrage of physical punishment.

Watch the gameplay video above and wait for EA Sports UFC when it arrives on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Spring 2014.