Prep yourself for the intensity of the Octagon with this new Career Mode-centric trailer for EA Sports UFC.

If you want to be the greatest, you have to train. The trailer above gives us the rundown on how you can create your own fighter (with your own face), and start him on the road to greatness with some training. You'll hone your striking and grappling skills at a training facility.

Once you're signed on as a UFC fighter, you'll see how your career is measured by the Longevity and Popularity rating systems. If you please the crowds and have big finishes to your matches, you'll gain more fans and your popularity will rise. The higher your longevity and popularity, the more likely you'll get sponsors and even get some of the best fighters to give you training tips.

You'll get Evolution and Experience Points as your career continues, letting you buff up your fighter's attributes and leveling up your fighter to give him new abilities. Watch the video above and look out for EA Sports UFC when it's released on June 17 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Be sure to pre-order to unlock Bruce Lee in the game.