The UFC is coming to mobile gaming platforms like never before, as EA Sports is officially bringing the Octagon to iOS and Android devices.

This mobile version of EA Sports UFC has been available in other regions of the world like Canada and Russia for some time now, racking up more than two million downloads in its soft launch period, according to EA. Now the company is ready to unleash the game globally, so fans of mixed martial arts can fight with their favorite names anywhere in the world, whether its Nelson, Kennedy or GSP.

The game sports a roster of over 70 playable fighters, each of whom can be leveled up to learn and earn more moves via in-game currency. This being a mobile game, the ability to purchase more of said currency is also available, with prices ranging from $1.99 to $99.99 (now that's a knockout), depending on what you want. Even cooler is the ability to play along with actual live UFC events as they happen, earning exclusive rewards during those timed events.

This is a really neat idea (and probably one of the only times you'll hear "neat" in describing anything UFC-related), especially the following along with live events part, but its effectiveness will depend on how well it actually plays. Part of what made EA UFC such an enjoyable MMA game was its attention to realistic detail and its emulation of how a real UFC fight plays out. The mobile devices of the world, impressive as they are, aren't going to be able to present that kind of realism to the player, so it'll have to succeed in other areas in order to truly excel.

The mobile version of EA Sports UFC is available right now for the iOS and Android formats, so go download it if you want to beat some faces in while on the go.