This newest undead trailer for Dying Light has it all: zombies, zip-lines, slow-motion hopscotch and a piano medley.

The PlayStation Blog has released a new trailer for Dying Light, the upcoming zombie apocalypse first-person shooter. Are you a fan of the slow, Romero-style of zombies? Dying Light has them. A fan of the more recent, '28 Days Later' type who can run for infinitely long distances? Dying Light has those too. Similar to the Left 4 Dead and Dead Island series, Dying Light also has its fair share of abnormal walkers, such as the oversized, hulking zombie and acrobatic, smaller ones.

In its recent trailer, "Epidemic," Dying Light shows off just how fast the world can go to hell after a zombie outbreak. What the trailer insinuates, is that sometimes, the human survivors can be the real monsters.

Repairing barricades, securing supplies and fighting to survive can eventually take its toll on people. This is where the survivors you encounter come into play in Dying Light. Much like the crazed survivors of the Dead Rising series, the trailer hints that you're going to have to also fight off other humans if you truly want to survive. The little girl in the trailer shows that there is a human aspect to the game as well, and you might have to protect what's yours and the people you care about from other survivors.

Dying Light is expected for a March 31 release on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.