You can run around like Ezio Auditore in all of Dying Light's parkour glory, but the zombies you face here have some moves of their own.

The launch trailer for Dying Light features some amazing, acrobatic moves from you and your teammates trying to survive the game's horde of zombies. You can seamlessly run across obstacles and rooftops like a ninja in order to survive. Unfortunately, you're going to need a lot more than a few flips to last the night. Dying Light's zombies range from the slow and staggering generic types to hulking behemoths. Even worse, there are zombies out there that are just as fast and agile as you are. What will you do when you encounter zombies that even Daryl Dixon couldn't kill?

Dying Light launches in North America on Jan. 27 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. While its digital launch hasn't been delayed, the physical release of Dying Light won't reach Europe, Asia and Australia until Feb. 27 due to a distribution issue. Techland is making amends for this by making its Be the Zombie DLC free.

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