Techland's upcoming zombie survival game, Dying Light, is getting three blood-filled bites of DLC as well as its own Season Pass.

The Poland-based crew at Techland is excitedly anticipating the release of its new game in January. Now, it is announcing three content packs of downloadable content that will "deliver completely fresh and unexpected experiences to the players in the quarantine zone."

The first DLC pack called, Cuisine & Cargo, will include two hardcore missions where players can "put their skills to the ultimate test." The second pack is the Ultimate Survivor Bundle, which will give players seven unique in-game items -- three special outfits and four "over-the-top" weapons. The final content drop is called The Bozak Horde and will include a new map for single-player or co-op play. This new map will require players to "fight increasingly stronger and larger enemy waves [while they] oppose a mysterious psychopath called Bozak."

Dying Light will launch on Jan. 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Its Ultimate Edition will soon be available for pre-order. The Season Pass content won't debut until Feb., but it will cost only $19.99 for all three content drops.

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