Everyone is gearing up for April Fool's Day, and Techland is no expection — you will be able to punch zombies out of this world in Dying Light.

Okay, so maybe you won't actually punch the zombies in Dying Light out of this world, but you sure will be able to punch them pretty far (like 10-20 yards). In the video above, you preview the undead's new resistance to gravity come April 1, when Dying Light will be implementing a patch to make zombies lighter than air, Kotaku reports. If you've ever wondered what Superman felt like when he punched people with his incredible strength, look no further than Dying Light on April Fool's Day. Just simply bump into the zombies and they'll go flying — it gets even worse the harder you hit them.

However, you'd better be paying attention, because tomorrow is the only day that you will be able to Falcon Punch zombies into oblivion. After April 1st, gravity will revert back to normal. Although, it has been pointed out that if the company could implement this modification to its game, fans probably could as well relatively easily, especially on PC.

While Dying Light is out now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and this change will supposedly be implemented tomorrow, you need to keep in mind that the video itself could be an April Fool's joke and your punching powers might never actually be implemented. We've got our fingers crossed.

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