It seems that Evolution Studios has been listening to its fans' suggestions about Driveclub and now a new, free update shows the devs have heard you.

The latest update to Driveclub isn't just big, it's huge coming in at a whopping 3.33GB of content, bug fixes and updates. Driveclub announced on its Facebook page that now players will be able to race around five new tracks set in Japan which, in total, offer 11 variants. The tracks include Nakasendo, Japan; Lake Shoji, Japan; Asagiri Hills Racetrack; Takahagi Hills and Goshodaira. Each will have two variants, except Asagiri Hills Racetrack which will have three. There will also be significant improvements to the game's variant weather, Drift Mode, multiplayer events, accessibility and much much more. Both the Apex Tour Pack and the Sakura Tour Pack will be added on to in terms of events and new trophies.

You can check out the complete list of updates being implemented in this new patch on Driveclub's Facebook while you make sure you've cleared out enough space to be able to download it.

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