After a lackluster start and major server issues, Evolution Studios will be giving DriveClub players free DLC as a means of making amends.

The official Facebook page for DriveClub has made a post acknowledging the game's server issues and players' frustrations towards the game's first month of release. Evolution Studios claims that players will be getting two packs of downloadable content this month as a means of compensation for the game's shaky first month and a half of release. Unfortunately, these DLC packs are not going to be made specifically for this giveaway -- they were merely two DLC packs that were going to be available as part of the Season Pass or for individual sale.

The Ignition Expansion Pack and the Photo-Finish Tour Pack will give you 22 new tour events, 10 new trophies, 10 livery items and five new cars for you to race in both online and offline. DriveClub's Season Pass will be extended to have four additional packs in July 2015, so buyers will still get the Pass' advertised 38 cars, 80 liveries and 176 tour events will be fulfilled.

Unfortunately, Evolution Studios still does not have any type of launch window for the PS Plus Edition of DriveClub, since it is trying to increase its server capacity to anticipate the massive number of PS Plus subscribers who would be getting this free edition of the game while it was already having problems with the retail edition.

We would rely on DriveClub's wheels to get us through our morning commute, considering those server issues and all.