Sony has released a new trailer for their upcoming racing sim, Driveclub, and no, they didn’t just stick a camera in a $1.3 million hypercar; this is in-game footage.

The new video shows a Pagani Huayra ripping through a mountain road in the forests of Canada, and it’s pretty impressive. At the high speeds shown, it’s difficult to tell if we’re looking at a game or real footage. Even small details, like grass on the side of the road, are photo-realistic, and the car models are simply gorgeous, with highly detailed interiors and realistic exterior reflections. The sense of speed is excellent as well, despite the 30 fps frame rate.

Driveclub is banking heavily on its social aspects, with an associated app and various ways to connect with other players, but without a solid racing experience at its core those, social features won’t mean much. This video shows that the on-track action will at least look great. Hopefully we’ll be getting some hands-on experience at E3 next month to find out if it drives as good as it looks.