Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D will makes its way into our waiting hands very soon, with updated graphics and gameplay that should give fans of the original game something to cheer about.

Today's Nintendo Direct gave us details on Donkey Kong's rebirth on the 3DS, like the addition of a New Mode made specifically for the portable system, which takes into account that gamers on the go usually have shorter play sessions.

This mode makes it so that the game is slightly easier, giving Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong three hearts instead of two, meaning that they can take a total of five enemy hits. Of course, the original game mode will be available as well, for those who want the same experience they had back in the day.

Once you've blasted through the main game, there will be a set of levels that will test your skills and offer more of a reason to keep the bananas and barrels coming. You can also play with a friend on local WiFi this time, so you and a bud can become Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong respectively and fight King K. Rool as a duo!

Check out some of the screenshots below and look out for the game when it's released on the 3DS on May 24th, 2013.