Refract has just announced that they'll be bringing their survival racer, Distance, to the PlayStation 4 in 2015.

Jordan Hemenway, a developer at Refract, posted on the PlayStation Blog to announce that the game will be playable at the PlayStation Experience this weekend, as well as to give us a peek at the survival racer. Distance will be an arcade-style racing game with environments that can be explored, filled with obstacles that threaten to destroy you.

The cars you use to race can boost, jump, rotate and fly, also equipped with the ability to drive upside down or on the sides of walls. In Multiplayer, you'll have to use these skills in order to get the fastest times or stay in the lead. The single-player campaign will also feature a story that will reveal the mystery of the world as you progress.

Watch the trailer above and await the crazy racing action on the PlayStation 4 when it drops next year.

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