The famous ears of Mickey Mouse decorate this retailer-exclusive variant of the Nintendo 3DS XL.

Thanks to CVG, we have just learned about this new, Disney-themed Nintendo 3DS XL, which would be perfect for children or Disney enthusiasts. Just last week, GameStop announced that it was going to be exclusively selling a Pink Nintendo 2DS system.

The Mickey Edition 3DS XL marks the second Nintendo handheld being made in collaboration with Disney and will be available only at Walmart. Both of these systems will be arriving in their respective stores on April 11, which coincides with the release of Disney Magical World for Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, neither the Mickey Edition 3DS XL or the Peach Pink 2DS will have the 3DS title included as any type of incentive.

Disney's Pink 2DS will be selling for $129 and will be available only at GameStop. Unfortunately, there has yet to be any price set for the Mickey Edition 3DS XL, but since the Disney 2DS is selling at the market price of a normal 2DS, it's reasonable to believe that the Mickey Edition handheld will sell for the 3DS XL's current market price of $199.