A new report citing various sources from within the development community intimates the PlayStation 4 may have a power advantage over the Xbox One. But that doesn't mean games will look better on Sony's console.

According to Edge, sources have said the memory reading in the PlayStation 4 is anywhere from 40-50 times faster than the Xbox One, with the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) in the PS4 capable of working 50 times faster than that in the Xbox One. What does that mean for you? The PS4 can run games in full 1080p HD at 30 frames-per-second, while the Xbox One can do 1600x900 resolution at roughly 20fps.

Now, just because one console is seemingly packing more heat doesn't mean developers will take advantage of those traits, particularly when it comes to multi-platform releases. One source even told the magazine it might be better to "castrate" the PS4 version of a game so as not to upset Microsoft. Developers and publishers may seek to keep games on both consoles as close as possible so it doesn't upset the potential partnerships. Of course, another source disputed the claim, though he only offered a better version would be possible if there was a financial benefit.

Regardless, the initial launch will likely not show much difference between the two next-gen consoles. It will probably take some time before we can really see the benefits of the PS4's and the Xbox One's specific architectures. Still, that the PS4 is being given an early lead in the hardware department bodes well for its future. Now it just has to live up to the expectations.