Bungie has revealed when we should expect Destiny's upcoming House of Wolves expansion as it rolls out some significant changes for its gunplay.

The gun gurus at Bungie have revealed that Destiny's second big expansion, the House of Wolves, will be launching sometime in the second quarter of the year. Bungie specified that we will be playing this expansion sometime in April, May or June, which corroborates pertinent info that was leaked earlier this week by a few Internet sleuths. The leak claimed that House of Wolves would be launching on May 19. Supposedly, House of Wolves has a new set of story missions set in the Reef, three new multiplayer maps, a new Strike, a new Raid and Guardians would be able to reach level 32 and beyond.

In terms of gunplay, Bungie is implementing some changes to even out the playing field. Auto Rifle base damage is being reduced by 2.5 percent and their effect range and accuracy are being reduced to help make the other rifle types viable choices. Pulse Rifles are getting their base damage increased by 9.7 percent because no one uses them. Fusion Rifle blast patterns are having a wider dispersal area (a bigger burst cone), to reduce their effectiveness at long ranges. Shotguns are getting double damage against all non-Guardians (aliens). Luckily, Scout Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Heavy Machine Gun and Rocket Launchers have been untouched.