Bungie is at it again with yet another possible update to Destiny, but this time it was hidden in among some Grimoire cards.

The staff over at VG247 have found that reading the Grimoire cards in Destiny might just actually be useful. Devoted Destiny lore hounds like GOBbluth89 have been on point in uncovering story secrets and more, but the latest discovery might allude to more than just narrative queues.

Apparently, the card for Inferno reads as follows: "A modified variant of multiple Crucible match types, Inferno tests your Light against the darkest of conditions.

"Darkness prevails, leaving Guardians to rely on their weaponry and combat skills alone. The enemy can only be found by sight and sound alone. Rely on your teammates and keen tracking to stalk your enemies and shut them down without the trust in your most powerful abilities.

"True skill put to the ultimate test. No trackers. No Supers. No bonuses. Only kills earn points."

This could be a pretty cool update for Destiny since it would give everyone in the game mode an equal playing field. Even more so than the Iron Banner events do, too. For now, all we can do is wait and see if this is actually in Destiny's future or if Bungie just likes to play mind games with its players.