Bungie's Destiny is shrouded in mystery and is set to be revealed on Sunday, February 17th, 2013. But the internet is already abuzz with details about the game, gleaned from a variety of sources.

This thread on NeoGAF rounds up all of the images and info known so far, tapping sources from Twitter, JoyStiq, and Destructoid.

Apparently pre-orders at GameStop will net players a nifty double-sided poster, shown below courtesy of JoyStiq and their GameStop source. The front features the game's logo, as well as a view of a planet with a satellite hovering above it. Could this be a moon? Maybe a Death Star-like station? We'll find out on Sunday! The back of the poster shows two aliens in suits, with the word "Fallen" cascading down the side, as well as some alien text or symbols in the lower-left corner. Could these be an enemy faction? Maybe even the protagonists?

Whatever these aliens are, we can see more of their details and anatomy thanks to a picture of a sculpture that was posted on Twitter. They seem to have four arms, all capable of wielding weapons, as well as four eyes.

Finally, the Best Buy pre-order materials from Destructroid seem to indicate that Destiny will be a first-person shooter that revolves around the arrival of something called "the Traveler." There's mention of survivors, Golden Ages, civilizations, the last safe city on Earth, and a possible interconnected universe and story that will be the "evolution of entertainment."

Some of the cut off text in the second to last paragraph might hint at character creation, and the final paragraph states that the Destiny "redefines the genre," and touches on story, cooperative, and competitive multiplayer modes with social activities.

Whatever Destiny is going to be, it sounds like it'll be big. We'll deliver all of the official information once Bungie reveals the game this Sunday. Until then, let us know your thoughts on this new game and tell us what you'd like to see in it!