Bungie's highly-anticipated mythic shooter, Destiny, won't be coming out for a long while. So while we await for what may be the future for first-person shooters, let's take a look at the newly-revealed classes that we'll see in the game.

An article on Eurogamer features some short snippets about Bungie's GDC presentation and short interviews with design director Joe Staten and art director Chris Barrett, discussing the details of Destiny's character creation process.

Destiny will let you create a character by having you pick from three different races and three classes, all of which will inhabit a universe described as "mythic science fiction."

You'll be able to choose from Humans, the Awoken, and the Exo. Humans are a hardy bunch who are clinging to the last bastion of hope on Earth, after having experience a solar system-wide catastrophic event that resulted in the fall of humanity. The Awoken are a humanoid species that were inspired by vampires, elves, ghosts, and angels. They have an ethereal quality about them that makes them feel like they've come straight out of a fantasy epic -- with guns. The Exo were inspired by sci-fi heavy hitters like their own Master Chief and the Terminator. Even more interestingly, they're also inspired by the undead, which might clue you into what kind of characters they are.

When asked about the philosophy behind the game's character creation system, Staten replied and said they wanted it to be, "up front and quick and largely emotional," and wanted to avoid players feeling like they made the wrong choice down the line.

"You're going to make this gut emotional choice: 'I'm going to look at that robot and I'm going to look at that more exotic space elf and I'm going to look at that human and I like... robot.' It's like, bam. I'm going to be a robot. And there's nothing about being a robot that's going to play any different from the other two," said Staten.

Do you agree with this philosophy? Are you excited about playing a shooter that's sort of crafted like a fantasy game with the same kind of characters and tropes? Let us know in the comments!