There have been many hiccups with recent games, but Bungie has always been working hard to get rid of the ones in Destiny, specifically the ammo drop.

Bungie is not the first to prove that even the more popular games on the market have bugs and glitches that are hard to fix, but it's honing in on a solution. On its blog, Bungie wrote a lengthy post all about bugs and squashing them.

Jon Cable has been stuck in people's minds as one of the best squashers of bugs. Now, Cable is heading the project of finding and fixing bugs in Bungie's first-person shooter, Destiny. While there is a particularly nasty glitch that drops players' ammo when they're doing certain things in PvE mode (such as dying), it can get pretty annoying when a known bug isn't getting fixed. However, Bungie isn't giving up -- Cable has a possible fix that will launch in February. That isn't the only bug that Bungie is working on fixing, though. We'll just have to wait for February, which really isn't far away now, to see Cable's fix in action and figure out if it does in fact work.

There's a lot more to Bungie's post on their blog, so to get the details and have a few questions answered by Cable himself, go head on over to their site.

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