Bungie claims Peter Dinklage's dialogue is being redone in Destiny and hinted at its achievements and collector's edition.

According to its weekly update, Bungie has revealed that Peter Dinklage's dopey dialogue featured in the alpha test of Destiny is going to be changed. Destiny's beta test in July will feature new dialogue from Ghost (played by Dinklage) and Bungie claims the alpha's audio will be updated again for the game's final release. Bungie hints that the alpha's dialogue was filled with placeholder recordings, but we have a feeling they were merely rushed, phoned-in performances by Tyrion Lannister reading his lines in an absolutely monotone manner with minimal sound direction. It seems like someone just mailed him the script, said "you're a robot," and he left his dialogue on an answering machine at Bungie.

Bungie has also unveiled Destiny's Xbox Achievements and PlayStation Trophies:


Destiny is due for a Sept. 9 launch on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The public beta starts for PlayStation pre-orders on July 17. Bungie has announced an "end of July" start for the Xbox beta. In terms of how long the beta will last, Bungie claims it is getting ready to unveil the details of Destiny's beta and a previously unannounced Collector's Edition.