Few things are worse in a video game than when we're managing our inventory in some big epic adventure and instead of equipping it, we throw it away or delete it from our held items. Destiny players have experienced this great sadness far too many times apparently, so Bungie is implementing a new Item Locking system. Guardians everywhere will be pleased.

The weekly Bungie Blog update goes into some detail about this new feature, which will allow players to lock items into their inventory with a simple click of the right stick. That item will remain protected in your inventory until you unlock it, which is also done via right stick clicking. It's not foolproof and we're sure some folks will somehow figure out a way to still accidentally delete their best weapons, but considering that dismantling an Exotic takes one extra and deliberate button press, we'll now know that if one of our "friends" dismantles our Icebreaker, he or she is actually a big jerk. A call to action for this feature happened after a youngster let one of his "friends" use his character, via the PS4's Share Play feature, to get through a difficult part in the game, only to find that the person irrevocably deleted all of the character's legendary gear, which took months to farm and earn. Unfortunately, Bungie had no way to bring the items back. Then again, this item locking feature wouldn't really prevent that from happening again, unless the person was quick to realize what the prankster was doing and severed the Share Play connection before it happened.

That's not the only update detailed in the blog, as it reveals that the next update patch is ready and waiting to be launched. This patch will make ammo an even more crucial part of the Crucible experience, and there's even a small bit about how the Tower is about to become a Guardian fashion show by giving players the option to wear their prized gear in social situations instead of defaulting to the non-armor set. There's about to be a lot more tough guys and gals hanging around the Tower, doing nothing, as always.

No date is set on the next Destiny patch, but we'll have the news as soon as Bungie reveals it.