Bungie is here with another information dump about its next update to Destiny -- caterpillars and hawks and Lord Shaxx, oh my!

As always, Bungie has been listening to its fans and figuring out little tweaks that will take Destiny to the next level, and this upcoming update is no different. One of the first things that Bungie addressed in its update blog was Reputation Gains. A lot of people were looking for an easier way to figure out what their reputation was in the game, and now David Candland is looking to help them out. There will now be a specific menu for reputation where you will be able to see your faction reputations and weekly marks.

The post went on to talk about a few more things that didn't necessarily have to do with the upcoming patch, but instead Destiny in general. Doubles Skirmish is currently live and apparently, Bungie thinks it would be the perfect way to spend your Valentine's Day (although, I would suggest clearing it with your significant other first.) Although its argument of, "The couple that slays together, stays together," is awfully compelling. The post also went over a few error codes that are surfacing a little more than Bungie would like them to.

There are details about both of those on the post, as well as a few movies that you can check out while you wait for the update to hit.