The first expansion for Destiny will arrive very soon and that means great things for its players including new weapons, armor, and gear, a new strike and much, much more.

Recently, Bungie posted a new trailer for Destiny's upcoming expansion pack, The Dark Below. This time, faux YouTuber DrCrispy93, adds some sass to the trailer, which walks the viewer through all the things they'll be getting with this new expansion. It starts out with the new tumbler Sparrow that Bungie recently released information on and goes on to new armor, guns, game modes, and maybe even a jacuzzi? One of the things DrCrispy really features is how many rare drops you can get from these new raids. You don't need to be level 30 to play in The Dark Below, but it would probably help. Although, he does ends the video telling the viewer, "It's like I'm sayin', if you wanna level up, you gotta go below."

If you're excited to play this new expansion pack, you can look for it to arrive on all platforms on Dec. 9. Season Pass holders will get it without additional fees, but the standalone version will retail for $20.