Bungie has released the intro cinematic for Destiny: The Taken KingDuring this cutscene, we see Oryx learn of the demise of his son, Crota. As a result, he orders his forces to head towards our solar system to go to war with the Guardians of Earth. Oryx's arm illuminates with some kind of spiritual power that we'll see affect the Darkness during the game, warping Destiny's traditional enemies. It's going to be interesting to see how Oryx's influences changes things up.

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Bungie's new trailer for Destiny: The Taken King reminds us that there are ramifications for fighting the Darkness.

This Gamescom 2015 trailer highlights the path most Guardians have traveled throughout Destiny so far. As warriors have conquered the Vault of Glass, stopped the heart of the Darkness, destroyed Crota and retook our solar system, the Taken King waited. Now, Crota's father means to have a long talk with us for bullying his boy and beating up his friends, and it looks like he means business.

According to Polygon, Bungie is following in Blizzard Entertainment's footsteps. Purchasing The Taken King will grant your account a single character boost that will automatically level one character up to be able to take on The Taken King's content. We have a feeling this is so players who didn't participate in the gear grinds of The Dark Below and House of Wolves can be a high enough level to participate in The Taken King. Unfortunately, there's no word if these boosted characters will get gear appropriate for their level or if there's a minimum level required for this boost.

Destiny: The Taken King will launch on Sept. 15. Pre-ordering any version of the game (including its standard and collector's editions) will score you the Suros Arsenal content, regardless if you go for its physical or digital version. The expansion will go for $39.99 by itself. There's also a collector's edition that'll bundle together the core game, the previous expansions, The Taken King, three exotic class items, three armor shaders and three class emotes for $79.99.

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